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ALP Seminar for Supervisor Development

..........Intergoods Company Limited  and ALP Group had conducted an in-house training for developing supervisory skill of new generation supervisor under the topic of self-development to become a new generation manager.  The internal training was held at the meeting room,  5th floor of BT Group  on Tuesday,  December 2, 2014,  at 9.00-16.00.   The lecturer was an consultant and development coach from Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan);  Archarn Sunitcha Chobchai.  More than 30 supervisors had attended this seminar.  The contencts of this meeting comprised of the way how to coach team,    leading team, problem Solving for team and ourselves,  the traps for coacher, effective team building,  including case studies and presentation  during the class for reminding and greater understanding.