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ALP  Kickoff  2015

..........It’s time for annual kickoff meeting.  ALP Group had conducted a seminar to announce last year performance,  guide the team for present year clear direction, educate employees, and motivate them to drive results and success. The seminar was held on February 7, 2015 at Fourwings Hotel, Srinakarin, Bangkok.  The executives had  prepared to present their performance and share key takeaways of how they can improve their sales or service processes to achieve the goals. Communicating strategy and objectives at this seminar was essential to the organization’s success this year.  Moreover, this kickoff meeting was to build morale, inspire and create a memorable experience. Our managing director; Khun Suchet Lertviriyasawat also gave recognition and showed appreciation to his sales and service team and encourage to perform better in this year.   The employees seemed to be confident and eager to do the best for their responsibility to finally reach the corporate goal at the year-end.