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ALP  Family Day  2015

..........ALP Family Day 2015 was held on 16th May, 2015 at Rayong Resort,  Rayong.  It was beautifully located on the finest spot of the calm beach (end of Mae Rumpueng Beach)  ALP employees had a great time together at the resort with lots of fun and activities including training, seminar, and workshops after a well-organized lunch near the sea  shore.  It was also a good opportunity for ALP crews to create and enhance the relationship among them.  In the evening, the navy party has become an annual attraction for everyone.  The employees wore beautiful blue dress for the theme of hilarious sailor with special fun games from our organizer.  At the end of program  (the next day),  the employees had visited Uncle Thongbai Fruits Garden.  They enjoyed eating buffet of several fruits such as  rambutan, mangosteen, durian, longgong, sala, and etc  before going back Bangkok.  It was a fun-filled period for the employees.  It was acknowledged that such events bring al  employees together as a well-knit unit under one common umbrella, “ALP”.