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ALP  Sport Day for a Good Health  2013

..........Intergoods Co., Ltd. and  affiliated companies in ALP Group had conducted  ALP Sport Day  on Saturday, October 12, 2013, at Sport Science Center  in  Sports Authority of Thailand.   Intergoods also had realized about the significance of having good health.   The employees was stimulated to pass the physical test and joined the vital games, exercising, and funny sport; badminton competition together once a year.   Mr. Suchet  Lertviriyasawat, our M.D.  was scheduled to attend and to be honor to open this sport day.   He also was presented for distributing the rewards for top 5 healthy persons after check up the physical efficiency in the morning at the center and he also acted as a reward distributor  to the winner at the end of the game.  There were many competition of games and sports on that day.  The employees were joyful and happy  together throughout the competition.  In additional to promote good health of employees,  Annual ALP Sport Day  also had been conducted for reinforcing the good relationship between employees within the company and between the different companies in the same corporate group.  It also helped  developing teamwork and co-ordination among the employees, executives, and organization under the umbrella of  Happiness  Home of ALP.