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ALP   “ Way of Thought,  Way of Life ”

..........Intergoods Company Limited had realized about the significance of morality in the office.  Therefore,  the company had a plan to elevate the ethical level in the employee’s mind.  Mr. Suchet Lertviriyasawat; Managing Director had invited  Monk Sukit Kantadhammo  (Phra Archarn Sukit)  from  Yukantharawas Temple, Nonthaburi to share and lecture his knowledge about Four Noble Truths  (Ariyasat Si)  to the employees.  This seminar was conducted on June 14, 2014  (Saturday), at 5th floor of BT Group Building during 9.00-17.00.  Phra Archarn Sukit suggested that Ariyasat Si  was explicit knowledge in Buddhism based to help guide working team through the success for happiness.  The sources in generating this explicit knowledge came from ethical behavior in listening, thinking, and doing by using their own bodies and souls to create their own conceptual knowledge assets and systemic knowledge assets.  Ariyasat Si was consisted of religious precept,  meditation,  wisdom  or called 8 Noble Paths  (Ariyamak Pad)  The teachings were driven under principle of Reduce, Improvement, Maintain, Preventive.   Furthermore, Buddhism process (standard) of PCRS (Process - Control Point – Root Cause – Standard or Principle)  could help person to realize cause of problem and easily get the right way to gain maximum success of work and life.  All above elements strengthened vision for highest achievement of life which could utilize and maximize utilities of each person and target.