The Big 4 Future Strategy: Food and Beverage’s Industry Drivers

The food and beverage business continues to grow as the global population increases. To help you visualize your future strategy, we determined four key industry drivers from our research. The Big 4 drivers provide you actionable insights into what’s next for Food and Beverage.


At the simplest level, food and beverage producers must make certain their process satisfies consumer, regulatory and supplier needs. This might mean an assessment of energy consumption, examining packaging processes, or reviewing distribution channels.


As governments start to recognize the planet is facing a climate emergency, a transformative shift from fossil fuels has begun. As renewable energy becomes more affordable, available, and feasible for all, electrification has become essential for businesses that want to reduce CO2 emissions.


For many analysts, the adventurous consumer is at least as important a trend as the conscious consumer.


The trade-off between quality, price, and convenience has been permanently broken down. Consumers want it all, with no compromise. eCommerce is a rapidly growing solution for grocery purchases, with always-on functionality, home delivery, and a long tail of choice that could never be accommodated in a single retail store.

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