Leader of supplying
chemicals in Thailand.

We are the leader of supplying excellence chemicals in diverse industries With unique business ideas and the passionate people behind.

At intergoods, we help the multitude of company to market and distribute of specialty

Enable resilient and sustainable supply chain management.

Our team support company big and small to stay resilient, agile, productive, and connected with our sustainable supply chain services. With the goal to deliver raw Materials products at the time you need.


We support many of our clients in streamline their company manufacturing with customer services and integration across manufacturing of the enterprise.

Leveraging our raw-material technologies, specific to your manufacturing.

By leveraging the right combination of technologies, specific to your organisation, you can solve complex business problems and create innovative business outcomes. 

Intergoods team is ready to help manufacturing companies deliver innovative products at scale and as outcome-oriented services with multitude of raw material specialty product offerings to suit your need.

Tap into expertise, services, and support that can help your business intelligently

We focus in create value with greater visibility, focus and support agility. Helping you in managing risks and to ensure business continuity of you raw material supply chain management. Our team specialize in providing product knowledge, technical advice and market information to help you success.

Hear how services and support from intergoods can give you the expertise you need to keep your operations moving forward – all available in a portfolio of intelligent solutions, intelligent supply systems and customer support.

Manage a high volume of goods with a modern, flexible warehouse for chemicals.

We run the operations and integrate complex supply chain logistics for your manufacturing raw material, with your supply chain and manufacturing or distribution processes, to always delivering the visibility and control for your raw material at factory consumption.  This in term help us to give you the highest endeavor quality service and customer satisfaction

– all in real time.

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red metal crane near blue and yellow cargo container van
white and red factory during daytime
white and red factory during daytime

Our Product Categories

All type of Raw mat

For decorative and idustrial coating

Specialty chemical products


Plastic additive and coloring

For plastic industries

Food additive and specialty ingredient

For improving food quality processing

Innovative ingredient and special pigment

For cosmetics and personal products

AMG Michelin tire Additives for rubber

For rubber performance

Specialty Resin

Construction adhesive

For general purpose and construction adhesive

Light-weight concrete

For decorative and idustrial coating

Transform your manufacturing faster with help from intergoods and our team. With our quality management standards to increase production and minimize complex component failures.

ISO 9001:2015

Succeeded projects
We help our clients develop new product with new raw-material, it allows our customer to experiment, test and create products beyond user expectations.
The total volume of raw material (Metric Tonne) delivered in 2020
With our sustainable system, it allows us to deliver what customer needs, accuracy and on time.

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