Service and


Expertise in sourcing and securing innovative performance- enhancing substances and chemicals A cost-effective, high-quality, and trustworthy supplier Complete adherence to safety and environmental standards

Market Insight

Access to our worldwide network of innovation centers, where we originate new product ideas, develop and modify them, research new ingredients and technologies, and conduct hands-on training and acceptance testing.Market entry and long-term commercial strategy based on our local knowledge and informationData and analytics insights from several channels

Distribution and Logistic Service

Unrivaled logistical infrastructure and distribution facilities for transporting, storing, and distributing your products across Thailand
Many more specialized services are available, such as product registration, regulatory support, customs processing, importation, logistics, repackaging, invoicing, cash collection, and supply chain management

Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales services for your items, including eCommerce marketing
Access to all key market and consumer channels

Customer Relationship Management

We adopt a customer-centric strategy to strengthen relations through a tailored-made service experience, operation and marketing activities. With our philosophy of Happy & Benefits, we strive to create brand loyalty via brand awareness, customer satisfaction survey in every possible aspects and outstanding customer service

Brand Awareness

We have provided activities for customer to participate in our brand. For example, An Exhibition for meeting customer and  launching new product in particular industry, and Newsletter to our Customers/Suppliers on various topics such as Business Insight/ Operation Insight and Innovation News with marketing activities every month.

Customer Satisfaction

Voice of customer is a significant key to our improvement in terms of Technical Consultant Service, Customer Service, Custom & Logistic Services and on each and every Marketing campaign. We thank you for all the feedback/suggestion that give opportunities to continue our improvement

Research and Development

Technical Application Support Our diverse product offering, as well as product knowledge and technical experience, assist customers.

R&D Technical Consultant

Our techno-commercial salespeople assist customers in selecting the appropriate chemicals or components for their goods, while our technical application specialists provide solutions that are tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

A Customized Solution for Manufacturing

Marketing and sales services for your items, including eCommerce marketing
Access to all key market and consumer channels

Technical Support from Expertises

Intergoods and its suppliers have a tight working connection, so our staff is well trained to stay abreast of new developments and fashions. Customers also benefit from our know-how and expertise via technical training or seminars that we hold on a regular basis in various locations.